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Scenic Byways Guide

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Washington State’s Scenic Byways & Road Trip is a great guide to help you explore the back roads, small communities and recreational areas of our wonderfully diverse state. View the online Scenic Byways Guide now .

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Washington State Scenic Byways Guide


There are few regions in the world that offer the geographic diversity and dynamic range of outdoor recreation than can be found in Washington State. This beautiful 4-color, 100-page guide will lead you through each of Washington’s twenty-nine state and federally designated Scenic Byways. In western Washington, you’ll find crashing waves and rain forests along our Pacific Ocean coast; the metropolitan buzz of Seattle on the shores of Puget Sound. Climb up and over the tall, rugged Cascade Mountain Range past several active volcanoes and deep into pristine national forests. Cross over to eastern Washington featuring high desert plains, scablands carved out by the Missoula floods and into some of the world’s richest agricultural farmland and wine country.